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Teaching with Twitter is a Course

Teaching with Twitter

Ended Jul 29, 2016

Spots remaining: 19

Full course description

This course was originally scheduled for February 22 - March 11 but was rescheduled for the Summer (July 11 - July 29) to better accommodate academic schedules.

Teaching with Twitter will introduce educators to approaches for using the Twitter platform in classroom teaching, online teaching, hybrid teaching, and for educational outreach. The goal will not be to become masters of the platform — although we’ll pick up critical literacies along the way — but to think about the ways the Twitter platform can be leveraged in our pedagogies. We’ll also consider the ethical implications of working in public, and the ethical implications of asking students to work in public.

Over the three weeks of the course, we will do meta-level work within Twitter itself and will also reflect on the platform in discussion inside our Canvas course. We’ll cover: how to hone our Twitter presence, how to craft tweets, how (or whether) to write social media policies for syllabi, how to lead Twitter discussions, how to create assignments using Twitter, and how to assess work on Twitter.


Jesse Stommel is Executive Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies at University of Mary Washington. He is also Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab. He is a documentary filmmaker and teaches courses about digital pedagogy, film, and new media. Jesse experiments relentlessly with learning interfaces, both digital and analog, and works in his research and teaching to emphasize new forms of collaboration. He’s got a rascal pup, Emily, and two clever cats, Loki and Odin.

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The cost for the course is $300 if you register anytime on or before June 10. Just use promotion code TWITTEREB when you register.

Discounted Price for Students and Contingent Teachers

If you are a student at any level, or an adjunct or contingent teacher, you are welcome to take advantage of a $150 discount off the full price of any Digital Pedagogy Lab Course. Simply use promotion code DPLAS2016 when you register.

Visit for additional information and FAQs. You can also reach out to @Jessifer or @slamteacher on Twitter or e-mail

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