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Critical Instructional Design is a Course

Critical Instructional Design

Ended Jul 2, 2016

Spots remaining: 18

Full course description

Critical Instructional Design will focus on the history of traditional, and emergence of new approaches to instructional design. Recent experiments in digital learning — personalized learning, adaptive learning, competency-based learning — raise the banners of education revolution (as did the MOOC), but what principles are they founded on? What relationship do they encourage between learner and learning, or learner and computer? In many cases, the methodology hasn't evolved from a critical pedagogy, but rather from the same computer-aided instruction of traditional instructional design.

During the three weeks of this course, participants will apply critical pedagogical approaches to instructional design, looking to qualitative, emergent, and complexity theories as potential solutions for the instructional design "best practices" that are fast becoming outmoded. Additionally, each participant will be asked to design one portion of an experimental, fully online course utilizing new theories and their own creativity.

Amy Collier is Associate Provost for Digital Learning at Middlebury College. Her work focuses on faculty development, digital communities, and emergence. Prior to Middlebury College, Amy was the senior director for inspiration and outreach in the Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning (VPTL) at Stanford University, and the director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University.

Sean Michael Morris is Director of Digital Pedagogy Lab. He is also Instructional Designer in the Office of Digital Learning at Middlebury College. He has worked in digital learning for fifteen years, as a designer, a teacher, a program chair, a research editor, and curriculum developer. Sean is interested in the practice of critical digital pedagogy as a social movement, while also strongly identifying with the post-digital. He learns, teaches, and theorizes from a contemplative perspective.

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